Andrew River
Anne River
Apsley River
Arm River
Arthur River
Arve River
Blythe River
Brady's Slalom Course
Broad - upper
Broad- lower
Cam River
Collingwood River - upper
Collingwood River - lower
Cracroft River
Crossing - Davey River
Deep Creek
Denison river
Derwent - Butlers Gorge
Derwent - Wayatina section
Derwent - Meadowbank to Gretna
Derwent - Gretna to Big Bend
Derwent - Big Bend to Railway Bridge
Derwent - Railway Bridge to Bryn Estyn
Don River
Donaldson River
Dove River - upper
Dove River - lower
Duncanson's Rivulet
Emu River
Esperance River - upper
Esperance River - lower
Fish River
Fisher River
Florentine River
Forth Falls Creek
Forth River - to Lemonthyme Power Station
Forth River - Paloona dam to Turners Beach
Frankland - Arthur River
Franklin River - Lake Dixon
Franklin River - to the Collingwood
Franklin River - Lyell Hwy to Butlers Island
George River
Gordon river - upper
Gordon Gorge
Guy Fawkes River
Hellyer - above Link rd
Hellyer - Link rd to the gorge
Hellyer - from the gorge
Hellyer - lower
Hobart Rivulet
Horton River
Horton - Frankland River
Huon - Scotts to Tahune
Huon - Tahune to Southwood
Huon - Southwood to Blackfish crk
Huon - Blackfish to Judbury
Huon - Judbury to Huonville
Huskinson river
Inglis River
Iris river
Jane River
Kermandie River
King River
Lachlan River
Lake River
Lea River
Leigh - Lindsay - Frankland
Leven Canyon
Leven River - Gunns Plains
Leven - Clarkes to Foggs
Little Henty River
Little Pine River
Lobster Falls run
Macquarie River - upper
Macquaire River - lower
Meander - Huntsmans
Meander- Falls Rd to Meander
Meander - to Deloraine
Meander - Exton to Egmont
Meander - Birralee Road
Mersey- above Lake Rowallan
Mersey - Wildwater Race Course
Mersey - Parangana to Echo
Mesey - Standard Hill run
Mersey - Alum Cliffs
Mersey- Rogers to Kimberley
Mersey- Kimberley to Latrobe
Nile - upper
Nile - lower
Nive - upper
Nive - middle
Nive - lower
North Esk - Blessington
North Esk  - Big Bend
North Esk - Corra Linn
North Esk  - St Leonards
Northwest Bay River - Mt Wellington
Northwest Bay - Pipeline weir
Northwest Bay - Betts Rd
Ouse River - upper
Ouse River - lower
Pencil Pine Falls run
Picton - top
Picton - middle
Picton - lower
Plenty River - upper
Plenty River - lower
Que River
Rapid River - upper
Rapid River - lower
Ringarooma River - Derby
Ringarooma - Herrick Gorge
Russell River
South Esk - Leong mine
South Esk - Avoca
South Esk - Llewellyn
South Esk - Clarendon
South Esk - Ellendale
South Esk - Longford
South Esk - Hadspen
South Esk - Cataract Gorge
St Patricks River
Styx River - upper
Styx River - lower
Travellers Rest River
Tyenna River - top
Tyenna River - middle
Tyenna River - lower
Weld River - upper
Weld River - lower
Whyte River
Wilmot - upper
Wilmot - middle
Wilmot - lower
Wilson River
Yolande River
Yolande - Henty River

Canoe Tas Inc

South East

Huon River

Tahune Bridge to Southwood Bridge

Distance: 11.0 km.
Average Grade: 2 m/km .
Peak Grade: 
Difficulty: Grade 1-2.
Paddling Time: 2 hours.
Entry Point: Tahune Bridge (Grid ref. DN 778 285). From Geeveston take the Arve Road (C632) to the Huon River, at the Tahune Forest Reserve.
Exit Point: Southwood Bridge at (Grid ref DN 854 330).
Water Level: Minimum 0.7 m at Huonville.
Tasmap: 1:100 000 Huon.
General Description: The river flows through some beautiful, untouched rainforest and is joined by the Weld River at 7 km. and the Arve River at 11 km. There are numerous campsites around Tahune Bridge and several just downstream at the Weld River junction on the left bank.